Wine Tours of Hawkes Bay offers a wide variety of wine-tasting experiences. You can either do an all day event or just a couple hours. You can also take your own wine tour from a vineyard or winery if you so desire, but the most convenient way to find out about wineries is to find one that offers a guided tour. Not only will this allow you to taste the wine first hand, it will also be informative and you can decide if you want to purchase a bottle afterwards.

wine tour hawkes bay

Wine Tours Of Hawkes Bay

A wine tour of Hawkes Bay gives you the opportunity to visit the best vintages in the entire region. You will find that there are many wineries in the area and each one specializes in a particular style of wine. For instance, while Viennese Wines may focus on Chardonnay, producers of Chardonnay can focus on a range of red wines like Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. A wine tour of Hawkes Bay will allow you to sample the wines from the best locations, so check into one that includes a map of the vineyards before you travel.

If you are interested in buying wine for your own collection, or just for gifts, a wine tour of Hawkes Bay will give you the chance to taste several different vintages. You will find that each region has its own signature style, with crisp whites, tangy straps and full-bodied pinots. Depending on your taste buds and budget, you may decide to buy just one bottle. On the other hand, if you are traveling with a group of friends, you may want to bring along a case.


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