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If you are in search of the ideal location to lay a concrete driveway, consider one of the many covercrete Brisbane properties in Cairns. With their unique combination of scenic beauty and modern convenience, these properties in Cairns make the ideal location to build a driveway that will stand the test of time. Cover concrete driveway installation in Cairns is undertaken by specialists in the industry who take pride in delivering the highest quality in design and construction to ensure your project is completed in the least possible time. Choose a top-rated company to work on your Brisbane concrete driveway to ensure the best results.


Unlike the traditional footpath concrete Brisbane project, a cover concrete driveway allows for increased flexibility for added building flexibility and expansion when future growth is inevitable. Concrete covered driveways are a cost effective solution to an environmentally friendly project, since they can be manufactured to be more flexible with the addition of precast concrete granules that are poured directly into the ground. Unlike the concrete footpath option, which often requires the removal of trees and the digging of trenches to install, a cover concrete driveway can be installed quickly with no unwanted tree snags or trenching required.


Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, Cushion Driveways is a leader in the manufacture and sale of concrete driveways throughout Australia and overseas. They boast an outstanding product with a proven track record of high performance, durability, longevity, economy of cost, and design flexibility. Available in various finishes, lengths, and widths, Cushion Driveways is designed to meet any project with ease, providing the best value for money with superior performance. Not only do these driveways come in various colours, but there are also multiple colors available with interlocking edges, perforations, textured concrete footpaths, and custom logos.

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