The quick access and easy operation of high speed doors dramatically boosts productivity within manufacturing and distribution facilities, warehouses and loading docks. Whether the door is used to segregate areas where work involves corrosive or noxious materials, inclement weather or spark-producing welding, or for temperature control and hygiene purposes, high speed doors are vital for safe and efficient workplaces.

However, like any other industrial equipment, they require special consideration and maintenance to keep them functioning smoothly. When the wrong choice of doors is made for an application or they are damaged by external forces, the result can be costly downtime and lost productivity.

Enhance Efficiency and Security with High-Speed Doors

Whether they are manufactured from petrochemical NBR rubber or a durable polyester weave, the fast and sturdy design of high speed rubber doors makes them suitable for demanding environments where harsh weather conditions can affect other types of commercial doors. These rugged and versatile insulated doors seal tightly around the edges to prevent air leaks that can drive up energy bills, but they also open at an incredible 24 ips for efficient, uninterrupted flow of trucks, vehicles and people.

Because they close up to three times faster per second than conventional industrial doors, these doors significantly reduce the opportunity for unwelcome vermin to gain entry into company premises. Their robust construction and quick operation also limit the opportunity for collisions between doors and material-handling vehicles, reducing the potential for damage and injury. Some doors feature a soft bottom edge that can flex to avoid entrapments, while others come with a range of safety features including infrared obstruction detection and reversing sensors.

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