Where to Stay in the Northern Beaches of Sydney

The nightlife in the Northern Northern beaches trusted locksmith Beaches of Sydney includes world famous names like Sydney nightclubs, cafes, restaurants and bars and nightlife venues like the Sydney Casino and Hotel Double Bay. One of the most popular events for tourists to flock to the area is Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which were held on the last Friday of each month. If you are planning to visit the area during this period, then you should consider booking a holiday package from one of the many Northern Beaches resorts.


The weather in the Northern Beaches is quite temperate and pleasant most of the year, although summer and spring break is always a popular time for visitors to come and go. It can get very hot in the evening but if you are staying at one of the Northern Beaches resorts, then there will be plenty of space to exercise and stretch out. The beaches around the Sydney basin are just perfect for water sports and sunbathing holidays, and they offer a wide array of water sports from sailing and windsurfing to beach volleyball, banana boating and kite boarding.


There are many places that you can travel to on foot or by car in the area, including historical areas like the Winthrop Regatta, which is held every May. If you like to shop, then the nearby Sydney Central Business District has many small shopping venues and boutiques that offer everything from fresh produce to hand crafted souvenirs. If you are more interested in eating out, then head out to the restaurants in the area, which offer something for all tastes. If you prefer a more casual dining experience, then head out to one of the cafes, pubs or restaurants around the Sydney basin.

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