In the past wedding videography and photography videos were often very stifled by slow pace and over-the-top editing, but modern technology has made it easier than ever to capture epic, cinematic footage. In particular, cameras such as the Sony FS7 and the Canon 5D Mark III can shoot at 4K and 60p for smooth, high-resolution video. They also allow for the use of special filming profiles such as S-log, flat and cinestyle that give the filmmaker freedom in post production to turn your wedding day footage into something that looks like a blockbuster.

When choosing a wedding filmmaker, make sure to view their full films and see how they edit together a story from start to finish. It’s also important to consider whether they include audio – some edit their films purely to music and others weave in the sound of the ceremony and speeches into the narrative.

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A good filmmaker will be able to anticipate the big moments but also notice the small, subtle, and beautiful things such as gentle facial expressions, eye contact, and how a dress feels on your frame. They’ll be able to tell the story of your day from start to finish in a way that reflects you and encapsulates your unique personalities.

B-roll is an essential part of any wedding film and can really bring a story to life. Having a short shot of newspaper headlines, Uncle Bob’s car or even a close-up of a beautiful flower will help to add dimension and context to the main events. It’s a great way to showcase the people who are a central part of your day and will help your family and friends remember what was important to them too.

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