Virtual Reality Football Games The Next Big Thing

Football season สำรวจ UFABET เว็บตรง means yelling at the TV with mates, and devouring lots of chicken wings. It may not be the most healthy way to spend an afternoon, but it’s an enjoyable pastime. But imagine if you could step onto the field yourself? This is now possible with virtual reality.

Immersive Goals: Virtual Reality Football Games – The Next Frontier in Gaming

As the NFL looks at new ways to engage its passionate fan base, VR is playing a big part. One example is stadium tours that allow fans to see locker rooms, press boxes and other areas usually off limits. Another is ‘behind-the-scenes’ content, allowing supporters to watch their favourite players train before and after the game.

However, the biggest opportunity for virtual reality in sports lies with gaming. The league is working with developers to create football games that offer added value to the fan experience. Whether that’s helping players train to be better quarterbacks or offering them a chance to play football in a whole new way.

NFL Pro Era, developed by StatusPRO, is the first officially-licensed VR football game, with support for Meta Quest and PlayStation VR. It’s designed to help players improve their scanning abilities, an essential cognitive skill for football players. The game was created by former college and professional quarterbacks, including former UT-Austin player and current Dallas Cowboys backup QB Landry Jones.

Currently, the only other official VR football game is 2MD: VR Football Unleashed All-Star, which also works with Meta Quest. It lets players draw plays and throw, hand-off or run the ball in seated, standing or room-scale mode. It’s an impressive game that’s fun to play, although it doesn’t feel quite as authentic as the flatscreen version of Madden or NFL Blitz.

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