video production company portland

A production companies portland oregon specializes in producing compelling videos that can be used to enhance your website and app. They can also provide creative strategies to help you market your brand.

Founded in 2009, Silverman Studios is a video production and broadcast company. They serve clients in the healthcare and technology industries. Their team of X employees has an office in Beaverton, Ore. They shot and produced a five-minute video featuring on-site interviews and B-roll footage for Corvallis Municipality.

Outlier is a visual content agency that focuses on marketing strategy and video production. Their team of fewer than 10 employees is based in Portland, Ore. They primarily work with midmarket businesses.

Voxity is a video production company that was established in 2017. Their team of 7 employees provides creative strategies and video production services. They were hired to produce a video for a sustainable canned water company.

Video Production Services Offered by Companies in Portland

Digital Wave Productions is a script-to-screen video production company that was founded in 1994. Their team of fewer than 10 employees specializes in HD video production, script writing, editing, voice over, encoding, and broadcast design.

Deep Sky is a video production agency that was founded in 2006. Their team of around 25 employees has an office in Portland, Ore. They specialize in branded videos, corporate and marketing video, and broadcast.

Manifesto Agency is a branding agency that specializes in marketing strategy and advertising. They primarily work with enterprise and midmarket businesses. Their team of fewer than 10 employees was founded in 2011 and serves a range of industries, including consumer products, retail, and healthcare.

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