Top Picks for Infant and Toddler Strollers Suited to City Life

Top Picks for Infant and Toddler Strollers Suited to City Life

Our roundup of the best strollers for infants and toddlers will make your outings easier in the city has its perks, but it can also come with a lot of stairs. If carrying your stroller up and down is too much of a hassle (or if you’re scared of leaving it out where thieves may strike), it might be time to consider an investment in a stroller with wheels that are ready for steep slopes, cobblestones or beach sand.

These top-rated strollers for city-dwellers are designed to roll right over most obstacles, with high-quality suspension that’s built to last and an easy-to-use one-handed brake. Plus, their slim frames fit easily into narrow doorways and tight shopping aisles, and they can be used with a bassinet, a Cybex infant car seat or the 2-in-1 Light Seat, as well as with various car seat adapters.

City Life Ready: Top 5 Strollers for Infants and Toddlers in Urban Environments

One of our favorites, the Baby Jogger City Mini is a lightweight stroller that’s perfect for zipping around town and for traveling to Disney World. Its padded seat is comfortable and reclines to almost flat, while its compact size makes it a breeze to maneuver in cramped city streets and tiny apartment buildings. The City Mini comes in a variety of colors and is available with a variety of accessories, including a weather cover, child snack tray and a baby hoodie.

The Guinness Book-recognized GB Pockit is the world’s smallest stroller when folded, which means it takes up less space than other strollers when broken down. It’s also super light, at just 14.5 pounds, and can easily fit in an airplane overhead bin.

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