In my personal opinion the best things to do in Hoboken include patronizing the waterfront restaurants and bars. If you haven’t been to Hoboken before you must have been expecting it to be a big mess of people in a sea of dingy cars. You won’t find that here at all. The water is clean and clear, the atmosphere pleasant and relaxing. The waterfront restaurants are old, but provide the best dishes I’ve ever tasted. My favorite being their clam chowder.


Hoboken is a beautiful New Jersey city on the Hudson River in Manhattan. Its once industrial port has now been transformed into a series of parks including Pier A Park, which features Manhattan skyline views. The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway connects several public green spaces to the river.


The Hoboken Historical Society has one of the largest history museums in the city featuring civil war artifacts. The museum has many unusual architectural features and I particularly enjoyed the Immsworth House reflecting on a giant whale skeleton. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is home to many of NJ’s popular theaters and performances. This is also where one can see the best things to do in Hoboken. I highly recommend checking it out.

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