Relays can be a great way to break up long track and field training sessions. They can help to teach students about distance and time and are a good way to encourage teamwork in a fun way. They also reinforce important skills such as direction, timing and agility. They can be done with the use of cones, beanbags and ropes as well as a variety of other everyday equipment. Find out

Relay races are competitions in which teams of two or more runners, called relay members, run one leg of a race together while carrying a baton. The fastest team to complete the race wins. Relay participants must adhere to a set of rules regarding the exchange and handoff of the baton. A baton that is dropped during the course of a race is a disqualification. The incoming runner must begin running with the baton in his hands at least 20 meters prior to the start of the exchange zone, and the outgoing runner must remain within the lane while receiving the baton.

On Your Marks: Preparing for a Sports Relay Race

Typically, the fastest athlete on a team runs the first leg of the race, the second athlete the middle leg and the third athlete the anchor leg. For relay events using starting blocks, the starter referee is responsible for the start of the race by giving commands such as “On your marks” and “Set” and then firing the start gun at the correct moment. The time keeper is responsible for recording the athletes’ times. Runners are allowed only one false start before being disqualified.

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