solar panels services near me

Adding solar panels services near me to your home is an investment, but it could save you money and increase the value of your property for decades. Solar energy can power all or a portion of your home, including appliances, lighting and water heating. In addition, you can also add a home battery to store your energy and protect against outages.

If you’re interested in going solar, request quotes from several companies. Ask about equipment, installation and warranty costs. Also, find out whether the company uses their own crew or subcontractors. Ask if you can speak with past customers who worked with the installer.

Local Solar Panels Services: Illuminating Your Energy Options Close to Home

New York City-based Sunrun is one of the largest residential solar companies in the United States. Its technicians can perform a property evaluation, custom system design and help with permitting. They offer photovoltaic solar panels as well as the Brightbox battery, which stores unused energy for use at a later time. Sunrun is available in many New York cities and towns.

Solarize NY, Consolidated Edison and the NY-Sun Initiative are state programs that provide incentives to homeowners who install solar panels or batteries. Customers may receive credits or rebates from these programs in exchange for supplying power to the grid at certain times of day.

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