slab foundation repair methods

slab foundation repair methods are easy to build and durable if built properly. However, they can be susceptible to foundation problems. When your home or business’s foundation starts showing signs of distress, it is important to find a contractor that understands slab foundation repair methods. In this article, we’ll explore several popular slab foundation repair methods that can help restore your building’s integrity and stability.

One of the most common ways to repair a slab foundation is through slabjacking. In this method, a contractor drills holes into the concrete and fills them with a grout-like mixture that raises the slab. This process takes only a few hours, can be done in any weather, and doesn’t require any excavation or disruption to your landscaping.

A Comprehensive Guide to Slab Foundation Repair Methods: Choosing the Right Solution for Your Home

Another slab foundation repair method is through steel piers, which are steel pipes that are drilled into the ground under your foundation. This technique is especially beneficial if the soil beneath your foundation is too dense for other types of piers and pilings. Steel piers are also less intrusive and less damaging to the environment than those that require significant excavation.

Helical piers are one of the most heavily marketed foundation repair methods on the market today. These piers look like large screws and are used in both exterior and interior foundation repair. However, they aren’t as effective as concrete or steel piers and may even be more expensive.

Slab foundations can also be repaired using concrete piers. This process is typically more cost-effective than helical piers, but they are not ideal for situations where the foundation has experienced shrinkage. Cracks associated with shrinkage are typically found in the corners of the foundation and can be corrected with expanding hydraulic cement.

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