boat lifts for sale

When searching for a boat lifts for sale, you will find a variety of options to fit your needs. Choose from freestanding, pile mounted, floating, and drive on lifts. Before shopping, know how much your boat weighs and how wide its beam is. You will also need to consider where you plan to install your lift. Take into account the depth of water and the firmness of the soil before deciding on the right boat lift.

Make Sure That The Pulleys Turn Without Friction

Depending on where you intend to use the boat lift, you may want to look for a model that can accommodate the weight of small boats. If you intend to use your boat in shallow waters, choose a boat lift with a flexible sling, which will lay flat in the frame. Using a boat lift in this manner will allow you to dock your pontoon boat while it is floating. Be sure to choose one that does not use ball bearing pulleys, as these can wear out over time. Also, make sure that the pulleys turn without friction, as any type of friction can cause damage and failure of the lift.

Another popular choice is the ShoreMaster Hydraulic Lift, which operates silently and quickly, and can be easily adjusted to the height you need. Its remote control operation makes it convenient for you to adjust its height. The ShoreMaster is an excellent choice for non-fluctuating lakes, and is perfect for personal watercraft. Another popular lift is the ShoreMaster Vertical Lift, which is made of welded aluminum and features three pulleys and a one-inch cable. These models feature many benefits, including superior quality and proven performance.

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