old screen door push bars

old screen door push bars add a touch of history and style to your home while allowing you to open your doors with one hand. They are an inexpensive fix that can also boost your home’s curb appeal and value. Plus, they make your front door look more authentic and give you the option of adding a second screen door for added privacy or ventilation.

The most popular types of old screen door push bars are the platform screen doors and the porcelain ones. The latter were more often used in shops and restaurants to save wear and tear on a door, and they often had messages on them like “Push, Close, Come In,” or “Come Again.”

Vintage Vibes: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Old Screen Door Push Bar

Platform screen doors are usually installed at railway stations, and can be either full-height variable-type ones that slide open or close simultaneously with the train doors, or half-height versions that move upwards instead of sideways to let passengers through. Some light rail and tram stops use these, too.

For your own antique door push bar, you can choose from a variety of styles and materials, including wood (popular in the Victorian era), wrought iron, or brass. Many come in a choice of finishes and are available with or without a handle. Some are even reversible to suit your design tastes. To install your new door push bar, start by removing the storm and screen doors from their boxes and saving them in a safe place for off-season storage (under a bed is great). If there are any parts missing or damaged, you should replace them before you proceed.

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