IV Therapy

Integrative Medicine delivers fluids, vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream to be absorbed quickly and efficiently. Unlike oral supplements, IV therapy bypasses the digestive tract, making it more effective for some individuals. IV treatments are offered in health and wellness clinics, hospitals, IV bars (also called “IV lounges”) and by concierge services like Mobile IV Nurses that come to you at home.

The most common type of IV is hydration therapy, which can treat severe dehydration caused by fever, excess sweating or urination, vomiting and diarrhea. It also replenishes the electrolyte levels lost during these conditions. Saline solutions containing water and sodium chloride, as well as sugar (glucose, dextrose or levulose) are commonly used.

The Science Behind the Drip: Understanding IV Therapy Infusions

Some IVs contain antioxidants, which are known for helping to fight free radical damage that can speed up aging and make you feel tired and run down. Other IVs are designed to help you relax, such as those infused with magnesium, which helps alleviate menstrual cramps and migraines. And some IVs are designed to help boost your immune system, such as those that contain Vitamin C or a combination of essential vitamins and amino acids, which can reduce the severity and duration of colds.

IV therapy can help relieve anxiety symptoms, as it delivers calming vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Over 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety, which can cause constant feelings of fear and worry that affect daily functioning. IV therapy is a safe and convenient treatment that can provide the body with the nutrients it needs to combat stress and anxiety.

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