The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a widely recognised qualification for learners in the UK and around the world. Students take a range of core and optional subjects, including Maths, to gain an overall grade from C to G.

How hard is Cambridge Computer Science?

Experienced IGCSE maths tutors help students develop an appreciation for mathematics and its relevance in everyday life. They are experts in a variety of topics, such as number systems, algebra, coordinate geometry, mensuration, trigonometry, sets, probability and statistics. They are also familiar with the syllabus from a variety of exam boards, including CAIE, Edexcel, OCR and AQA.

Whether a student is studying the core or extended course, our IGCSE maths tutors can help them excel. The core course consists of paper 1 and paper 2, while the extended version has additional papers, with paper 3 and 4. Students are allowed to use a calculator for both papers.

Our IGCSE maths tutors have a wide range of qualifications and teaching experience, including working at top international schools. They have a passion for Maths and are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. They can provide support and encouragement, as well as guidance on exam technique. Many of our IGCSE maths tutors have worked as senior teachers and can provide valuable insights into the latest changes to the syllabus and exams. Their expertise can help students avoid common mistakes and make a real difference to their final grades.

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