hydro force gekko sx7 hard surface tile and grout cleaner

A hard surface tile and grout cleaner that works well with any truck mount carpet machine or portable unit. This tool will help you reach those smaller areas that your hard surface cleaning machine is too large for, or a handheld spinner won’t get to. It comes with a variety of optional attachments to clean a wide range of floors, and is very easy to use.

New Design for Gekko SX-7 Head

The new design of the hydro force gekko sx-7 hard surface tile and grout cleaner expands on the versatility of the original sx-7. The new sx-7 head combines the use of a handheld tool with an upright cleaning tool into one for your gekko wand, which allows it to clean closer to walls and corners than any other tool on the market. This sx-7 head is very aggressive with even cleaning, especially in small tight areas like bathrooms, closets, showers and more.

How Hydro-Force Gekko SX-7 Can Save You Time and Money on Tile and Grout Cleaning

The corner tool is used for cleaning the edges and corners that most spinner tools miss, while the edge tool is used for scrubbing the edges of walls and countertops. Both of these tools work well with any truck mount carpet machine or high pressure portable extractor, to give great results on all types of stone, tile and grout floors.

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