At private blog network somebody figured out how to build a database of authoritative websites (domains) that, when paid for, would all give one particular website loads of backlinks. This was a game changer, because, as you’re probably well aware, backlinks are the single most important factor that determines search engine ranking.

Organic SEO Growth: Building Backlinks the Right Way for Long-Term Success

The term “private blog network” has become synonymous with this process, even though technically PBNs can be made up of any grouping of websites – not just blogs. However, as the name suggests, private blog networks are typically comprised of blogs that link to each other.

While staunch opponents of PBNs argue that they are a dangerous, black-hat link-building tactic, many SEOs continue to use them to some extent in every competitive niche. The key is to know how to properly utilize and manage a private blog network in order to avoid getting penalized by Google.

It’s essential to understand that PBNs are an unnatural link building method, and that they are therefore not a sustainable long-term strategy. In fact, using them in a way that will get you penalized by Google will not only damage your search engine rankings but could also potentially land you in serious legal trouble. Therefore, it’s important to understand that you should only use a PBN if you can trust the quality of your content and have an established budget for the maintenance and upkeep of your network. PBNs are not cheap to build and maintain, so you need to ensure that your network is scalable, secure and reliable enough to deliver consistent results.

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