How to Pass the NACE Inspection

Several courses are available to NACE inspectors online now become a NACE inspector. You can take one of two courses, normal courses or CIP Exam Courses. You can take a CIP course online or on-site, but you will have to purchase an optional DVD set to qualify. The coatings inspection course is 60 hours, while the specialty courses are six days and focus on a specific specialty. These courses are recommended for people who are looking to specialize in a particular area, but may also be suitable for people who are working in a different industry.

The NACE Inspection process involves an analysis of the quality of coatings. The inspector will evaluate the paint on the surface and determine if it adheres to industry standards. The NACE inspection process will also ensure that the coating won’t lead to structural collapse. The inspector will also assess how much dust remains on the surface, and the thickness of the paint when it’s wet. If a coating is not up to par, it may be unsafe and cost the company millions of dollars in damages.

NACE certification enables inspectors to evaluate coating systems and provide a traceable documentation of the testing. NACE inspectors can perform inspections onshore as well as offshore. They can also inspect structural steel. They can analyze the project and recommend modifications that prevent corrosion. Additionally, they are trained in using industry-recognized documentation software. This certification will increase your value as a professional. There are many benefits to NACE inspections.

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