Improve your YouTube video discussions

The key to snagging and Improve your YouTube video discussions’ attention on YouTube is with the video thumbnail. If your thumbnail doesn’t grab the viewer’s attention, they’ll never click on it to start watching your video. Having consistency to your video thumbnails—whether it’s a text font, logo, certain colors or shapes, or even the same person’s face—can make it easy for viewers to recognize your videos at a glance.

Streamline your content production process

Having a well-oiled machine for video creation will help you produce more videos and deliver a better experience for your viewers. It will also help you keep your content on point. This is especially important for YouTube, where dwell time is a critical factor in algorithm rankings.

Focus on one keyword

Choosing a video topic around a single keyword can make your videos more relevant to searchers, which helps them rank higher on YouTube and Google. Pick a keyword when planning your video, and be sure to include it naturally throughout your content so that YouTube can pick up on it when creating closed captions and metadata for your videos.

Give your audience value

Providing value to your YouTube viewers will encourage them to watch more of your content. This is a great way to boost your views, subscriber count, and engagement. You can do this by offering downloadable resources, like an eBook or checklist. Or, you can use the built-in YouTube features like end screens and cards, to direct your viewers to other related videos.

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