HIN Number Lookup  is a tool that enables you to quickly verify the validity of the Hull Identification Number (HIN) of a boat. The HIN is a unique number that correlates with national and state databases to display important information about a boat, including its history. This is useful when attempting to confirm whether or not a used vessel has been damaged or involved in any type of accident or mishap.

Navigating the Waters: How to Perform a Comprehensive HIN Number Lookup for Your Boat”

A boat’s HIN is similar to a vehicle VIN, with the HIN consisting of 12 characters that are arranged in a specific format indicating the manufacturer’s code, serial number, and production date or model year. Some HINs also contain optional prefixes and suffixes that provide additional data such as the country of origin, or specific specifications. Some HINs, such as those of home built boats, are encoded with a MIC for the State and begin with a letter which indicates the method for registration with the State agency.

Beginning on November 1, 1972, federal regulations require that any boat manufactured for sale in the US have a standardized HIN identifier. This identifier can be found on the vessel’s hull, on State registration documents, and bills of sale. In most cases, the HIN is affixed to the starboard side of the transom of the vessel, although in some situations, particularly for vessels that cannot hold an HIN such as kayaks, it can be located elsewhere.

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