Gemstones are stones with varying colors of different minerals and are usually cut in the form of gemstones. A gemstone is said to be a “pure stone” when its color is pure and all other colors are additives, impurities or sometimes minerals. This is because gems are minerals that form during the earth crust formation process. Generally, gemstones are formed within the earth crust by high pressure and immense heat that take place deep underground. During this process, molten metal and rock separates, which forms the gemstones.

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Among gemstones, the most popular one that has become the symbol of elegance and success is diamond, which is made of beryl. It is not known for its hardness but it has great fire and brilliance. However, there are gemstones that are colored or come in different shades such as red ruby, blue topaz, green amethyst, black sapphire, milky quartz, purple amethyst, white topaz, pink diamond and many more. Each gemstone has its own color, shape and characteristic which gives it its unique charm.

The commonest gemstones that we know today are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and the ruby. These gemstones are known for their transparency and they are very durable because they can withstand scratches, heat, pressure and moisture. Some of these gemstones have very good fire and sparkle but they are expensive. There are also some gemstones like the red beryl that has excellent hardness and clarity. It has a red color that is closely associated with the red rose. The price of red beryl ranges from $1250 to more than a thousand dollars.

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