denture implants

The most common type of dental implants are the denture implants, also known as the false teeth. These implants are artificial teeth which can be placed in place of missing teeth and are fitted with a special post into the jaw to which the crown attaches. They offer an attractive option for those who have lost all or part of their teeth and who do not have natural-looking dentures. Moreover, dental implants have a number of advantages over natural dentures and over fixed bridges.


The biggest advantage of denture implants is that they can provide a great deal of comfort and can help prevent bone loss and tooth decay. This is because they do not require wearing of dentures every day; thus, they can sustain the same function over a long period of time. They also promote healthy oral hygiene and they do not encourage the growth of plaque and calculus (tartar) around the implant. By wearing denture implants for a longer period of time, the patient prevents the occurrence of this disease.


In addition, denture implants are far easier to maintain than their traditional counterpart and can also save the cost involved in fitting traditional dentures. The dentist does not need to drill holes in the patient’s jawbone in order to mount the dental implant, thereby saving considerable time and expense. Moreover, denture implants often come with special cleaning and maintenance procedures that minimize the risk of infection and which allow the teeth to maintain their normal shape. Finally, patients need not undergo any surgical treatment to insert these dental implants, since they can be easily fitted by the dentist.

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