Spray cladding is a great way to give your property a facelift. It protects against weathering and sun damage and can increase the value of your premises. The process is quick and easy, letting you avoid the expense of replacing cladding altogether.

Whether you need to refurbish uPVC cladding, corrugated steel or metal paneling we have a solution for you. Our team of highly trained on-site sprayers will provide you with a like new finish using high quality industrial paints which have a superb colour range, providing an attractive and protective finish for your building. Our work can be carried out out of hours, at weekends and during the holidays to minimise disruption for you and your business.

Spray Cladding: A Cost-Effective Solution for Building Renovation

The cladding spraying process is 7 times quicker than traditional painting. We mask up all areas which are not to be sprayed and we spray the surface in primer first before the cladding is sprayed to your required colour. This gives a superior finish to traditional painting as the primer dries fast – not allowing it to flake, crack or peel. Bare cladding is treated appropriately on site and cleaned, removing any corrosion or rust before we spray it to the colour of your choice.

We are approved applicators of the leading cladding coating manufacturers such as Rustoleum, Giromax and AkzoNobel. We can achieve full manufacturers specifications and offer warranty systems of up to 20 years on all jobs. We can also offer a wide variety of colours from the RAL chart and bespoke shades if needed.

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