Keepsake Rings With Encapsulating ashes

Every piece of cremation jewellery created is handcrafted from high quality silver, gold or Murano glass and safely holds just a tiny drop of ashes. Each piece is etched with a personal message and personalized with an original photograph. Cherish your treasured memories with high-end Loved Remembered cremation jewellery. These eternal treasures are a true expression of love and give any woman years of pleasure.


Loved Remembered – the jewellery comes in three pieces. The ring, pendant and earrings are all designed from the same set of high quality jewelleries. The pendant has a clear acrylic top with the words Loved Remembered etched across it in an elegantly delicate script. The diamond rings have black prongs on each side with matching earrings that have the same design and also include the same diamonds. The earrings are then studded with genuine Swarovski Austrian Diamonds and the pendant has a white gold Swarovski design that fits over the top.


Each of the three pieces of Loved Remembered jewellery is priced to afford every woman the opportunity to keep her special memories close to her heart. You can choose from a range of styles and designs as well as options when it comes to sizing. The best thing about these jewelleries is that you can make the ashes into a keepsake ring at a later date. With a little bit of planning and ingenuity you can find a way to remember loved ones with these beautiful memorial diamond rings.

Why Invest in a Cover Concrete Driveway?

covercrete brisbane

If you are in search of the ideal location to lay a concrete driveway, consider one of the many covercrete Brisbane properties in Cairns. With their unique combination of scenic beauty and modern convenience, these properties in Cairns make the ideal location to build a driveway that will stand the test of time. Cover concrete driveway installation in Cairns is undertaken by specialists in the industry who take pride in delivering the highest quality in design and construction to ensure your project is completed in the least possible time. Choose a top-rated company to work on your Brisbane concrete driveway to ensure the best results.


Unlike the traditional footpath concrete Brisbane project, a cover concrete driveway allows for increased flexibility for added building flexibility and expansion when future growth is inevitable. Concrete covered driveways are a cost effective solution to an environmentally friendly project, since they can be manufactured to be more flexible with the addition of precast concrete granules that are poured directly into the ground. Unlike the concrete footpath option, which often requires the removal of trees and the digging of trenches to install, a cover concrete driveway can be installed quickly with no unwanted tree snags or trenching required.


Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, Cushion Driveways is a leader in the manufacture and sale of concrete driveways throughout Australia and overseas. They boast an outstanding product with a proven track record of high performance, durability, longevity, economy of cost, and design flexibility. Available in various finishes, lengths, and widths, Cushion Driveways is designed to meet any project with ease, providing the best value for money with superior performance. Not only do these driveways come in various colours, but there are also multiple colors available with interlocking edges, perforations, textured concrete footpaths, and custom logos.

Wine Tours Of Hawkes Bay

Wine Tours of Hawkes Bay offers a wide variety of wine-tasting experiences. You can either do an all day event or just a couple hours. You can also take your own wine tour from a vineyard or winery if you so desire, but the most convenient way to find out about wineries is to find one that offers a guided tour. Not only will this allow you to taste the wine first hand, it will also be informative and you can decide if you want to purchase a bottle afterwards.

wine tour hawkes bay

Wine Tours Of Hawkes Bay

A wine tour of Hawkes Bay gives you the opportunity to visit the best vintages in the entire region. You will find that there are many wineries in the area and each one specializes in a particular style of wine. For instance, while Viennese Wines may focus on Chardonnay, producers of Chardonnay can focus on a range of red wines like Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. A wine tour of Hawkes Bay will allow you to sample the wines from the best locations, so check into one that includes a map of the vineyards before you travel.

If you are interested in buying wine for your own collection, or just for gifts, a wine tour of Hawkes Bay will give you the chance to taste several different vintages. You will find that each region has its own signature style, with crisp whites, tangy straps and full-bodied pinots. Depending on your taste buds and budget, you may decide to buy just one bottle. On the other hand, if you are traveling with a group of friends, you may want to bring along a case.