blueberry muffin strain

The sweet aroma of blueberry muffin strain conjures up visions of steaming pastries fresh out of the oven. Parents Purple Panty Dropper and Blueberry give this cultivar a rich profile of fruity berries and subtle hints of nutty vanilla.

The high of blueberry muffin strain muffin strain is a satisfying blend of cerebral relaxation and body bliss. Its moderate THC content makes it a popular choice for recreational and medicinal users alike. The calming effects can help ease the symptoms of anxiety or stress and may offer relief from mild chronic pain and insomnia. The uplifting effects of this indica dominant hybrid are also useful for reducing depression and may boost creativity.

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While the terpenes in this strain are what truly sets it apart, the flavor profile is just as tantalizing. Myrcene takes the lead in this strain, balancing the earthy and musky tones with notes of sweetness and berry. Pinene adds a clean, refreshing taste to the mix and complements myrcene’s ripe fruity notes. The spicy phenol Beta-Caryophyllene rounds out this terpene profile, adding an intriguing spiciness to the bouquet.

Blueberry Muffin strain has earned its name as a winner, earning multiple awards over the years, including a 1st place finish in the 2021 Oregon Grower’s Cup for both cartridges and BHO; a 6th and 11th place finish in The Emerald Cup; and 2nd place finishes in the 2018 Nevada State Cup for vape oil and flower. This flavorful strain is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

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