Whether their pet is a dog, cat, horse, bird, snake or retrato mascota , people love showing off images of their furry friends. Some of these pet photos are professional, but many are simply amateur snaps that have been edited to produce a fun gif or meme. Some artists, both professional and amateur, have tapped into this desire for high-end pet portraits that can be displayed in their home or shared on social media. This creative career can offer the flexibility to work as a freelancer or on a full-time basis, depending on the level of demand.

How do you become a professional pet portrait artist?

A pet portrait artist creates custom artwork of animals from photographic or video reference. This can take the form of a pencil sketch, oil or watercolor painting, or even digital art made in Photoshop or Illustrator. A pet portrait artist generally works on a commission basis, communicating directly with their clients to discuss their project and receive payment.

When working from photos, it is important to have clear and well-lit images. The best photographs are those that capture the pet’s character as well as their unique features. Taking several different photos can help you to build up a library of reference images, which is useful for creating layers when painting. For example, a client might need to have a photo with Blue’s face in sunlight and another one of him in shade so that the painter can build up the contrast of his fur color.

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