Northern CA impacts both the conduction and convection of heat transfer, which has an immediate impact on your comfort and energy costs. The material resists the flow of warm air into your home in winter and cool air out in summer. This is a much more effective solution than traditional fiberglass or cellulose, which have less resistance to heat flow.

Say Goodbye to Drafts and High Bills with Allstate Spray Foam Insulation

During installation, the spray foam expands to fill in tiny cracks and holes. This creates a barrier to prevent air from passing through the space, and it also seals the building envelope, which helps reduce energy costs by preventing energy leakage. This is the biggest source of energy loss in homes, and it can be prevented with spray foam insulation.

In addition to reducing your energy costs, spray foam insulation can improve your indoor air quality. The airtight seal created by spray foam insulation makes it nearly impossible for irritants to make their way into your home. This includes mold, mildew, dust mites, pollen and other allergens. Your HVAC system will work less hard to filter out these toxins, and you’ll save money on repairs and replacements.

When determining the type of insulation to use in your home, it’s important to speak with an experienced professional. They will know how the product will expand on-site, and they’ll be able to apply it in an even layer for optimal results. Additionally, an insulation contractor will be able to install other energy-efficient upgrades at the same time, such as new windows.

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