A child brought up by permissive-indulgent parents may have difficulty regulating his or her emotions and actions. He or she will likely lack good decision-making skills and have trouble with schoolwork and social interactions, as well as be more open to alcohol or drug experimentation. These children often have poor self-esteem and are prone to aggression.

This parenting style focuses on providing kids with everything they need and want, even when the parent believes that it is not in their best interests. This is not a type of parenting that experts recommend. Parents who exhibit this style are warm and nurturing, yet they have few rules or limits and are generally unsure of how to discipline their children.

The Impact of Permissive-Indulgent Parenting on Academic Achievement

They tend to allow their children a great deal of freedom in terms of eating, screen time and activities outside the home. They are lenient with homework, chores and bedtimes. They don’t monitor or limit snacks and are less concerned about the health of their children, which can lead to obesity.

This is a parenting style that can run the gamut from loving and well-meaning to narcissistic, workaholic or sociopathic. In many cases, parents who are narcissistic or preoccupied with getting their own needs met have difficulty meeting the needs of their children for structure and guidance. This type of parenting is also often influenced by a trauma in the parents’ own childhoods that has left them with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These parents may not be aware of how their behavior is impacting their children.

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